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We believe there are 22 Crucial Steps in a Successful Placement Process

  • Coordinate the Job Description.

  • Interview client for clarification of needs.

  • Research Talent Pool.

  • Check existing Database for leads.

  • Research results.

  • Recruit ideal candidates.

  • Qualify candidates by initial telephone call against job needs.

  • Choose best candidates from pool.

  • Perform in-depth interviews.

  • Do reference checks.

  • Present resume and written synopsis of candidates’ background to client (including reference quotes, etc.).

  • Arrange and coordinate interviewing schedule

  • Prepare candidates for interview by spelling out company needs, culture, organizational fit…

  • Debrief candidates after each interview, answering unanswered questions, etc.

  • Talk to the client to access strengths, weaknesses, and compatibilities after each interview.

  • Coordinate with the hiring manager on possible offers to be made and set the stage for acceptance.

  • Participate with the company in providing necessary information required for negotiating an acceptable offer.

  • Reconcile any differences with successful candidate to smooth the way for acceptance.

  • Arrange with realtors, chambers of commerce, relocation authorities, etc. to ensure candidate and spouse are aware of details of new location.

  • Assist successful candidate in terminating current position.

  • Work with spousal placement if necessary

  • Follow up after placement to assure new employee integration.

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