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The Jonas Group search consultants have a thorough understanding of the fashion industry, and are expert in matching your skills with the needs of our wholesale and retail clients.


How to become a candidate?

  • We encourage you to submit your resume for our review.

  • In addition to your resume, it is important for us to have information about your ability to relocate, compensation and the types of opportunities for which you wish to be considered.

  • If you are a designer along with the above please send us 3 or 4 emails each with no more than 5 jpegs of examples of your work. A combination of sketches and products created would be ideal and a broad selection if possible.

Of course in the future, your information will be kept totally confidential and will not go anywhere until we’ve discussed specific opportunities that interest you.

After evaluating your background, we will determine if we currently have an appropriate opportunity for your consideration. If we do not currently have a position suitable to your professional experience, we will retain your resume on file for future opportunities.

To send us your resume and fill out our Minimal Candidate Data sheet please click here.
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