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The Nike Flyknit: $1 Billion in Shoes and a Worldwide Legal Onslaught

January 03, 2018

Almost 20 years ago, Nike set out to craft a shoe that delivers peak performance for athletes while reducing manufacturing waste in the process. In reality, what it created was a war that would give rise to hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars in costs and stretch over years and continents.

FN Asked Our Founder & CEO, John Jonas Some Questions on Talent Acquisition

November 10, 2017

Footwear News asked our Founder & CEO, John Jonas some questions on talent acquisition for an article titled "Retail Shifts to Impact Senior Team Member Hires" which was in the October 23rd Magazine

Teens are turning their backs on Nike

November 10, 2017

Teen priorities have shifted: Piper Jaffray found a "slight downtick" in video game spending, a "moderate downtick" in food spending and a "slight uptick" in apparel spending. While food’s share of spending dropped from 24% in the spring to 22% in the autumn, it’s still more than teens’ spending on clothing, which is at 20%.

Coach Inc. Is Dead. Long Live Tapestry.

November 10, 2017

At Coach Inc., which is famous for its leather goods but has become the holding company of an increasingly ambitious fashion group, the name of the game is now … Tapestry.

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